Identity Management with Digital Identity.

Identity Management with Digital Identity.

As the world is becoming a volatile place because of issues like refugee crisis, massive migration and illegal residents, the matter of registration of all citizens is becoming an area of concern for many states. Blockchain technology being the revolutionary force is triggering an enormous change in the field of identity management for states.

It’s not only the financials that the technology is being applied to, blockchain is finding other areas to leave its influence on them too. Fields like identity application in passports, wedding certificates, IDs, e-residency needed a more secure system like blockchain to handle the digital identities. Incorporation of this technology with the identity system can induce greater changes in the state of security for countries.  They can resolve great issues of surveillance through record maintenance of all citizens and migrants with the digital identity and fight the menace of terrorism and corruption.

Switzerland is new on the bloc of countries that are using it as a proof of concept. Blockchain, which was only considered a revolutionary idea till the last year has taken a real place in Switzerland in the form of digital identity. Today, it has become the 1st state to use digital identity application in all its systems for the identity management.

The Swiss town Zug, a city of 30,000 population has been known for its experimentation with the cryptocurrency and is also famous as “Crypto Valley” in the world. Most of the entrepreneurs in the city specialize in the digital currency and call themselves the home for it. Many researchers have been seen heading towards the city to find more information regarding the development of cryptocurrency in the area. The small city of just 30,000 people houses an ATM for bitcoin too.

July 7, 2017, marked to be a significant day in the history of blockchain technology when a press release announcing the launch plan of digital identities for citizens was put on Zug’s official website. The press release announced that the digital identities will be application based that will keep the personal information of citizens secured through blockchain and add a crypto address to it. The system is supposed to be completely decentralized and citizens will be allowed to register themselves with their real identities on the app on their own. The information will be authenticated by city’s identity control department.

Its also believed that the blockchain services should not be restricted to cities only, they should be spread to rural areas where the identity management is a bigger issue. Its speculated uses vary from fee collection to e-voting as well. Many other countries in Europe like the UK are in line to follow the path of Switzerland and enable digital identity as a feature in citizen’s identity management.

The influx of internet has led to our digital identities beginning to belong with the social media, which also takes advantage of it at the end of the day. A self-managed and secure identity is all that’s needed to keep a digital society functional. Therefore, the Crypto Valley Zug is also kept open for several research collaborations with financial and government institutes.

The phenomenon of digital identity initiating in Switzerland and taking rest of Europe by storm is raising the interest of the people in this technology. This project is speculated to increase competency in states’ technological efficiency in citizen data management.

The states through registration of citizens on the public ledger are offering them an access to a broadway of local and international services that are being innovated. This blockchain application is proving to be an enormous help in enhancing security for companies. states are using it for the fulfillment of their purpose but also giving individuals the full control over the private information they share and also providing an opportunity to use digital services in a better manner.

The uses of digital identity are not limited to just states using the application, it has a great potential to be used by the entrepreneurs and business owners. Its an age where everything on the internet is considered volatile, the records can easily be hacked and stolen, therefore, businesses look for solutions that provide their assets a security that they seek.

Final Word.

We are still living in an age when a technology like a blockchain is still in an infancy stage. However, with its uses through Hyperledger hosted by The Linux Foundation, it has unlimited application options to it. The technology is being implemented in cryptocurrency to smart contracts. The identity management application is the first to be implemented formally, out of all other features, by a state like Switzerland and followed by the UK and Europe in the future. It’s the identity management application of the blockchain technology which is going to resolve the major current issues of the world and help states and businesses in their growth plan.


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