Outsourcing Trends to Watch for in 2017-18

Outsourcing Trends to Watch for in 2017-18

Outsourcing is taking shape of a major gateway to the induction of innovation and creativity in businesses. The past year saw a growth in integration challenges and companies converting their data to clouds. with entities like call centers and business models relying on cloud computing, cognitive capabilities and robotic process automation (RPA) for data storage, the world is looking forward to the changing outsourcing trends in 2017.

The article is going to encompass all aspects that are possibly going to influence the outsourcing trends in the year 2017-18.

  1. The current vulnerability of the industry.

The beginning of the current year, with the presidential transition in the world’s hegemon, brought a wave of uncertainty for people not just in the US but all across the globe. It doesn’t happen very often that a matter related to IT would be affected by the changing political trends. However, with the US being the world leader, any change in its national or international policies, trade agreements, immigrations, diplomatic relations, taxations could carry its influence on the global labor arbitrage, eventually affecting the outsourcing industry. Big enterprises have already started looking into prospects of all agreements and contracts taking place in the industry. These are going to draw to them a clear picture of profits their business can enjoy because of the outsourcing arrangements.

  1. Hybrid Cloud is the new trend.

Clouds can easily be distributed into two distinct categories of public and private clouds. the public cloud service offered by giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have been in demand the most. However, taking these services from big companies can be a security threat for many companies, therefore, they prefer to choose the medium of hybrid cloud, a private cloud for critical data and public cloud for other simultaneously.

  1. Increase in the use of managed service providers.

Companies are relying on managed service providers instead of going for multiple vendors for different services. MSPs guarantee to resolve all issues related to standardization of system and other IT problems by working as a cloud broker. This also manages cloud-based applications on part of client with actions like designing of application, deployment and maintenance of it.

  1. Innovative solutions.

As the power of technology is growing, its utility and scope are increasing too. The world does not only seek IT solutions in an accurate and safe manner but also look forward to innovative products that come with agility and speed. These features support businesses in their growth by providing them the required services and help them create new products through new business models.  There is a faster system of generating work feedback enabled through this system. Networking teams and software developers work closely to ensure speed and agility in the system, to guarantee a communication between clients and developers to instantly remove the loopholes in the system.

Companies are recognizing the fact that digital technology is constantly been changing, therefore they don’t limit their concern to only the execution of the task but to keep up with changing and innovative trends too. It’s essential for any company that operates in the market to remain consistent with the ongoing trends than lagging behind and following the typical ways.

  1. Security, the major matter of concern today.

Like mentioned earlier that the politics had never been a major influence on the technology sector like it is today. With growing tensions between different states and increasing reliance on networks for data storage, the security of critical information is becoming a big issue. Among the many apprehensions regarding smartphones used to track any individuals’ location to personal information, there is fear of sensitive information’s stealth too. So, in this situation, Software as a Service is not the only solution but there is a need for Security as a Solution too. This service can help organizations, states and even individuals against the breach of security. It’s a requirement that the service providers need to assure the clients, this can also terminate the need for a personal security agent and keep their private data safe from a leak.

  1. Nothing Can Stop Internet Of Things

As the world is becoming a global village, all information from around the world is getting integrated too. It’s the internet that binds all factions of the world through a network. Almost all devices not just for networking but to get their business needs met are employing services of internet. organizations are looking for solutions that are in perfect synchronization with the demands of the world. The security of devices connected to the internet is a matter of consideration for many organizations.

  1. Virtual Employment.

Since the innovation in technology has been on a continuous rise and a world of things can now happen on a computer, a physical space to start a business is not a necessity. All one needs to get one’s tasks done is a computer/ laptop and an active internet connection. This has triggered a magnificent change in the society. Businesses do not need employees to move from their places rather they can work remotely from anywhere they are located. A company operating in the US can take services of an individual living in the Asian Sub-continent. Virtual employment is the best example of outsourcing. Google and other big names for instance that operate from the US are availing the service through their call centers located in India. Many technical teams work full time but remotely from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh at cheaper salaries for companies based in Europe and US. This provides an extended facility of getting their work done even when rest of the businesses in your time-zone are non-operative. Public holidays in your region do not affect the performance of your virtual employee living in a different area.

2017 is bringing a brighter future for outsourcing business.

  1. Machine Learning, the next tool to up the outsourcing game.

Machine learning has a paramount value in the outsourcing process. It reduces cost, speed and improves operating processes. Where automated solutions are answers to many outsourcing issues, there are some that cannot be handled only through automation. This is where machine learning comes into the scene and produces more efficient and better results for companies.

Final word.

2017-18 are going to revolutionize the outsourcing processes for the world. From virtual employment to software development and machine learning, the outsourcing trends are changing at an unprecedented speed.

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