5 Ways Big Data can Save or Destroy your Business.

5 Ways Big Data can Save or Destroy your Business.

Nothing about Big Data is Small at all.

The internet pundits some 2 decades ago claimed the world to be becoming paperless and for all data present in the world going digital. With information piling up and computational capacities becoming increasingly heavy, the flow of data has significantly multiplied. As an outcome, for the management of this data, emerged a term called “Big data”. Big data is triggering an enormous change in the way businesses used to work. Companies are becoming heavily dependent on different tools for the management of big data.

Big data is the arrangement and organization of large volume of data. This data can be found in either structured or unstructured format. With massive information present in the market, the analysis and regulation of data get out of hands for many companies. However, big data management serves as a savior for such corporations that tend to accumulate a lot of information from different sources, for the purpose of market intelligence during the course of business. This data can be found in terabytes or petabytes.

The management of big data is the real determiner of a business’ success or failure. Proper gathering and management of information has a make or break effect on a company’s business model. It enables enterprises to search and analyze the data to find solutions to user-centric issues.

There are huge chunks of data and streams available in the market, therefore, the chances of missing on a great amount of important and critical information become high. As the need of market intelligence is increasing, the need for applications that focus on management of data services is gaining momentum too. There are many ventures taking the plunge, yet the question is if a company is actually willing to try luck in making its game better. Working with data analytics can be challenging for many companies as they require immense resources. The risks of loss are as high as the chances of gains.

Any entrepreneur can easily consider it a sign of intelligent business startup that it looks at the consistent players in the arena for muse. It is very vital for any business to look around and observe what trends the other actors in the market are following. This gives businessmen ideas to run the venture successfully and generate profit. It is extremely important that businessmen keep eyes fixed on the activity of the market and see how other fellows are making positive use of the data.

Study and analyze the ins and outs of venture area.

The major reason behind companies failing because of big data is their inability to remain focused on the correct data. Too much data and on top of that, irrelevant data is the recipe to fail a venture you are trying your luck at. In order to succeed, a company is required to properly investigate and study the patterns contemporary market actors are making use of their data through. A company should not just study the models of successful businesses but also those that failed miserably. This is the way they can get proper insight and understand the pitfalls they need to avoid in their endeavors.

It has been observed that marketers mistake in managing and identifying the right kind of data and use irrelevant heavy data in the business. This exhausts the customer when trying to find the required information from the pool of random unnecessary data consuming space. Corporations need to educate employees regarding the management of data to avoid any failure.


Heads of different corporations collectively called migration the reason for their usage of low quality data in business. It was also found that more than most of the data migration costs above the estimated amount and take longer time. So, it should not be believed that migration is an easy process, it requires only the technically skilled to complete the task.

Companies should take help of specialists from all departments inclusive of the real data users. It should be made sure that they are familiar with the processes of migration and data management. They know about people with access to the data and how those people are making use of it. The specialists should ensure that data migration takes place step by step, which means that all requirements for the migration are met during and after the process. It has been observed that companies that try to migrate in haste usually cause themselves bigger troubles and financial losses. It takes them more time fixing these issues than allocating proper attention to the step by step process of migration.

A company before migrating data should consider some elements like redefining data and checking the quality of it. It should make a map of all strategies and techniques, also take into account the scope and budget of the data movement.

How to Avoid Internal Collision.

Giant corporations have large data distributed in different places of the organization. Each form of data serves a unique purpose and is regulated by different sets of people. There is hardly any communication among the users of that data as each form of data is relevant to its concerned department.

This can be extremely helpful for many companies as there is no internal collision of data used by different departments. Devolution data is a great step in the management of big data. This step minimizes the chances of a bottleneck situation within the company’s various departments. Segregating big data into sections is the most important function of the management of data. It is a delicate business and requires extremely balanced approach to separate data into right categories.

If data is not stored in the right way, it can affect the decision making of a company, therefore, its considered an important move in the data management and eventually for company’s business results. It is recommended that data is stored in the form of dashboard, reports, services etc. it should be filtered as per the data roles into categories varying from least to most important or however the organization deems fit. However, the main idea behind this division is splitting big data into exclusive smaller sections so, the data consumers can make best use of the available data.

Incorrect Data.

Employees that work with data know that mismanagement of data can leave irreparable effects on the decision making of a company. This can also shake customers’ trust in the company.

Invasive Data Mining

Invasive data use against a customer can infuriate him. A company should follow these ethical rules as principle policies to not use any customer’s information or make predictions regarding their situations based on their purchases. The basic information of a customer’s purchase should be kept secret from people, as violating this ethical code is tantamount to invasion of your customer’s privacy.

Some great online startup business ventures that transformed the way data was perceived.

Data analytics is a big growing industry with many potential investors and companies aiming at developing their business through it. There are many new but already renowned businesses that are leading the way for instance Uber, Foursquare, Spotify and Feedzai.

These companies have been using big data to their advantage and making best use of it.

Final Word :

Big data, market intelligence is one of the fastest growing techniques in the world. This helps the trader assess the market and understand the needs of customers.

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