What Happens in 60 Seconds in Forex

Foreign Exchange, better known as forex with the trade of USD 5.3 trillion is ranked as the largest financial market in the world.  The movement and space which can allow traders to gain profit always remains a matter of interest for them. A market as active as that of forex is never stagnant and always remains very volatile in its movement. It’s the same volatility of forex market that can cause a drastic change even in the span of a minute. In the times of developing technology, it has become quite easy to keep track of the way a market behaves even when the activity of the day is broken into tiny slots of as small as 60 seconds.

Since the forex trading works on speculations and guestimates, every single moment into the market activity matters for the trader’s progress in a deal. Resultantly, experts recommend traders to observer the entire trade of the day. As we split the amount of foreign exchange that’s being traded every day, for the convenience of the traders, into the time frame of 60 seconds each, it can be clearly seen that the market doesn’t stop even for a single minute. In an effort to wildly estimate the amount of cash that’s traded in one minute, in the duration of 60 seconds, we can observe that the market of $ 5.3 trillion trades $3.52 billion in every minute. The highest volume of trade in the span of one minute for the most traded currency pair EUR/USD consists of $3.52 billion.

Considering the importance of each minute in the forex market, team PacForex has gathered all the relevant information regarding the market behavior in 60 seconds in the form of an illustration.

Forex trading infographic

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