Appointment setting

Our Expertise in Appointment setting

Escalating doctors’ productivity

At Pac Square we realize that patients are the fuel that run a practice, so setting appointments for them is a crucial task when it comes to maximizing doctors’ workflow and efficiency. That’s why with our agile appointment scheduling software you can rest assured that all of your appointment scheduling tasks are done with proficiency. Our software is eligible to set meetings on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, along with filing patient eligibility reports and patient meeting reports. With our software, you get full control over the most important asset of your physicians – their time.

Check appointment schedule

Based on the medical practitioner, geographical location where the service is needed and level of service, you get to see all the appointments from daily to monthly. Based on your preferences, personalize the software using color codes, set your office timings and any time blocks.

Set appointments

Scheduling appointments with patients has never been easier. Our software enables you to set up appointments directly from the appointment calendar with ease. You have the option to either set up a one-time appointment or a repetitive appointment. From doctor, patient details, time and date to appointment details, you can enter a plethora of details about the case.

Format appointment reasons

You can list down the recurring appointment reasons to learn in advance the reason for a patient’s visit. The appointment reason that you set up can have a title, brief description, the resources required, the doctors in charge, color code and the timings. So, when you schedule a new appointment for a returning patient, you can easily click on the appointment reasons shortcut and all the details will be entered automatically.