Medical Billing

Greater Efficiency. Maximum Revenue

More Control. More Money.

Pac Square’s Medical Billing Service is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution geared towards more than numerous specialties.

Our proficient staff handle your entire billing operations, from claim creation, quick submission, aggressive follow up, denial management, appeals, payment posting, reporting as well as consistently guiding practice staff to get you paid more and faster.

With years of medical billing experience our team is equipped with advanced technology and operational excellence to take your billing operations forward, whether you are a multi-specialty group or a solo practice.

Knowledgebase Automation

Payor changes are inevitable, but we stay ahead by constantly updating our rules engine: a knowledge base with more than 4 million rules that automatically detects claim issues before submission. This ensures that 99% of our claims get accepted and paid on first submission, helping you collect much faster. In the case of a denial, our dedicated team of experts manages the denial at their end and adds another rule to our database, preventing that denial from ever reoccurring for a Pac Square billing provider.

  • Fee Schedule Review and Analysis.
  • Eligibility and Benefit Verification.
  • Assistance with Provider Enrollment.
  • Electronic and Paper Claims Submission.
  • Account Receivables Management.
  • Secondary Insurance Billing.
  • Incoming Patient Calls.
  • Old Account Receivables Recovery.
  • Authorization Request and Tracking.
  • Charge Entry – All Specialties.
  • Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments.
  • Extensive Insurance Follow Up.
  • Patient Statement Processing and Mailing.
  • Denial Review and Management.
  • Appeal of all Denied or Low Paid Claims.
  • Management Reports.

Starting a New Practice

We specialize in setting up new practices. We know how hard it is to invest money in expensive technology and services without knowing how many patients will walk through your door. Unlike other vendors who charge an arm and a leg, our Medical Billing Service is designed to save you money, right from the start.

  • No upfront cost.
  • No software or training cost.
  • No server installation or upgrade fees.

We will guide you through all phases of startup, credentialing, implementation, and the critical first months of operation. Our expertise in billing helps us circumvent many start-up glitches while our software automates most processes in your practice, helping you run at peak efficiency with minimal staff from day one. We are in this for the long haul. Come grow your practice with us.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Simplified Clinical Automation
Transform your practice with Pac Square’s cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before. With a powerful knowledgebase, Pac Square’s platform is built for usability, performance and reliability. It delivers advanced features previously available in systems costing thousands of dollars more at a fraction of the cost. Version 10g includes an iPad app which works delightfully. It is intuitive, simple and enjoyable. You have complete access to your appointments, clinical reviews, patient notes, medical histories and document manager - all bundled in one app. With Pac Square, you don't spend thousands of dollars on set up, maintenance and licensing fees, and you don't pay for workflow-driven customization or dedicated support. Just use Pac Square’s EHR to instantly connect with patients, payers, labs, hospitals and other stakeholders to deliver better care. Pac Square’s EHR is ONC 2015 Edition certified and is MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 2, and Meaningful Use Stage 3 ready. The EHR also comes with an ICD-10 guarantee enabling you to stay ahead of the industry.

Advanced Reporting

You do not lose control of your practice by outsourcing to us. With online reporting and analytics, you have complete financial visibility anytime, anywhere. Our Medical Billing software provides:

  • Pre-formatted reports to measure your practice performance and highlight areas for improvement.
  • Customized reports for insight into your unique pain points and performance initiatives.

Top Quality Service

Our dedicated staff is committed to achieve the highest recovery on contractually due amounts from payers. Our commitment to compliance and superior customer service is unrivaled in the industry. With 99% customer retention rate, we are proud to offer the highest quality service in the industry.

Save Money

With our billing service you will receive the following at no additional cost: Electronic Medical Record Practice Management Patient Portal IPad App Back up, Maintenance, Hosting, Support, Free Upgrades

Cost Reduction

Process automation, advanced software and opportunities of scale allow us to offer a comprehensive solution at an affordable price. This eliminates the need to hire expert billers, train and retrain your staff to professionally handle complex billing queries that can impact your bottom line. The solution streamlines revenue collection functions, reducing the burden on your staff while enabling you to collect more from patients and payors.

KPI Dashboard

  • Visibility into performance indicator such as copays collected, AR per payors, denials, and cash flow in real time.
  • View and evaluate your practice revenue to monitor your billing team’s performance.

  • Overview of daily appointments and updated patient balances to improve collection at the time of service.

Check in

  • Insurance and benefits eligibility is automatically validated in advance with real-time verification at check-in.
  • The most up-to-date patient balance information is available on the scheduler. The system also prompts for copay collection to ensure collection at the time of service.
  • Easily collect self-pay and copay via credit card, or other payment types, or quickly set up a payment plan if required – all driving financial results.

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Schedule Appointments

You can schedule patient and other appointments directly from any appointment calendar. You can schedule one-time or recurring appointments using powerful recurrence rules. You can enter information about each appointment including the patient, case, location, physician, start date and time, end date and time, appointment reasons, and more.

Set up Appointment Reasons

You can set up custom appointment reasons to track the common reasons for a patient visit. Each appointment reason can have a name, description, color code, duration, and one or more physicians or scheduling resources. When scheduling a new appointment, you can select the appointment reason as a shortcut for entering the appointment duration, physician, and/or other scheduling resources.