Business Process Outsourcing

Highest quality customer contact processes to improve your productivity and reduce operational costs

Our Expertise in business process outsourcing

Infrastructure outsourcing

We enable businesses to build a responsible and cost-effective infrastructure that is responsive, reliable, agile and scalable.

CRM Training

CRM training is core to organizations for the effective expansion of customer funnel. Reduce churn and improve business bottom line with our Customer Relationship Management training.

Remote support desk

With level 1 support, we ensure customer retention and address the queries and grievances of consumers with viable solutions. Allow prompt identification of customer support requirements with our IT helpdesk, playing as the core cog around which the fulcrum of tech businesses run.

Mobile App and Software Development

From UX design and prototyping to development and testing, we provide mobile apps and software development outsourcing services to help our clients expand businesses within an offered time and budget.

Data Verification

Ranging from outsourcing data entry to data verification, our core objective is client satisfaction through the provision of reliable, authentic and accurate data solutions.

Customer Win back

Augment your business network with our customer win-back service. Our team of experts utilizes customer data (service preferences, purchasing patterns of products) to pull your business out from the effects of customer depreciation.

Web development

Make a remarkable online presence using our web development service. Our committed team ensures employment of creativity along with utility woven in the most up to date fashion in website development.

Working in a variety of domains

Both public and private companies are struggling with unprecedented challenges; regulatory pressures, changing consumer expectations, hyper-competition, market complexity and economic uncertainty. They’re looking towards BPO for solutions. A new generation of business process outsourcing has arrived, and Pac Square is leading the way. We have deep knowledge and experience of our clients’ industries and help them achieve measurable business results such as increased productivity, higher levels of employee engagement, increased market share, better customer satisfaction, increased sales and more. We have provided comprehensive BPO services to leading organizations in multiple domains including but not limited to entertainment, navigation, travel, financial services and healthcare.