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The biggest companies in the world Google, Amazon, IBM either make use of software or are developing software that can help them potentially beat competitors and increase their revenue.  Indeed, the digital transformation that has been taking place in the business world since the early 2000s has not stopped. Despite the burst of the dot-com bubble, the tech companies that have survived have gone on to dominate the market. The importance of software development to the success of these companies cannot be denied.

How software development has become a necessity

Though there is an immense pool of research that points out the benefits of integrating technology into workflows, most companies fail to integrate these systems. Even worse is the fact that the majority of businesses fail to keep up with the ongoing changes in the industry. Only the large companies and corporations invest a significant amount of energy developing their custom software.

The world’s economy has shifted with traditional brick and mortar organizations becoming obsolete and online businesses giving rise to a digital economy. This is something the whole world saw during the lockdown induced by COVID 19. 2020 taught businesses worldwide the importance of a digital transformation particularly the implementation of sophisticated software to cater to their ever-growing digital needs. However, most companies tend to rely on off-the-shelf software.

However, the issue with these pre-packaged software lies in the fact since they are one size fits all they do not solve the specific problems the company faces. Not to mention despite their cheap price tags, they come with hidden costs and issues that can end up becoming a headache in the long run. Moreover, using the same software competitors are using does no help an organization stands out.

Software Development: how the winner takes it all

Many businesses do not realize but software development provides them the edge that is needed to stand out from competitors. It is what converts skeptical customers into loyal ones. On one hand, companies that develop the best software end up winning. There are many examples like Amazon replacing eBay as the number 1 online shopping website. Another example would be Facebook replacing MySpace as the biggest social media website in the world.

On the other hand, it is the companies that bring forth the most innovative software that ends up transforming the ways industries operate or give rise to new industries. For example, Uber and Lyft transformed the transportation industry. While Bitcoin not only gave rise to a whole new industry but the technology powering it, Blockchain disrupted the very way business is conducted.

What do software development companies do?

Naturally, they develop software. However, that is an oversimplified view of what developers do. A software development company may provide a program or a collection of programs that solve a problem a customer may be facing. These solutions may be for the general public or a business.  They may produce a set of interconnected programs or a single one depending on the requirements and the size of the problem, the customer is facing.  Here are some of the services they focus upon.

Build software solutions

Every company develops software but not every software development company specializes in the same industry or type of software. Some companies choose to specialize in one area for example mobile development. Others choose to specialize in various types of software such as blockchain and fintech solutions.

Developing applications and systems

Large corporations and businesses usually need systems that can help automize their everyday processes for the entire organization or a specific department. They wish to facilitate their workflow management by increasing efficiency in their bottom line.  A software development company builds websites or applications that work in different operating systems. Regardless of what type of web application or system is required, a software development company will ideally develop software that requires minimal training and are mostly intuitive to use.

Deliver business intelligence tools

It is a fact that information is king in today’s business landscape. Many software development companies focus their energy on providing information to the organization of all sizes. By using data science techniques and tools, businesses provide the latest data and analytical reports, dashboards, and Online Analytical Processing tools to help businesses in their decision-making process.


Many organizations have existing systems and architecture. The problem is, they may not always be able to manage it. A software development company may then provide their expertise and bring out specialized solution software to optimize analytics, and workflows. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a software development company may offer their insights on software packages that can solve their problems.

Advantages of hiring a remote software development company  

One of the biggest issues organizations face is communication between the IT department and the rest of the organization. Developers are usually unaware of what delays and the rest of the organization intimidated and unaware of how to address these issues because of their lack of technical knowledge. This phenomenon has been termed “walled garden” by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick.

 It is the reason why most in-house software development projects fail and are eventually outsourced to a software development company. Also, rising costs and competition in the market have led to software development costs rise significantly. Many businesses fight to obtain that competitive edge at reasonable prices. Hence, many businesses now choose to hire either a remote software development company or a team.


It makes sense to develop software in-house. Not only it means you can save up on costs but it also means that the team would be completely familiar with the needs and requirements of the business. However, the fact is remote teams specialize in building software with specific time constraints. They also deliver quality keeping in mind these time constraints which an in-house team may not always e able to do since they have to focus on more than one task. Moreover, remote development teams have years of expertise and experience working with companies similar to yours.

Tapping into the global market

Most remote development companies work outside the United States. It provides businesses with a larger pool of talent which frees them from the burden of having to make a do with local resources. Moreover, thanks to the development in technology, it is easy to contact foreign companies and communicate with them. It is also easy and relatively inexpensive to conduct interviews and hire individual developers. 

Increase in productivity

Remote development teams have the flexibility to work from anywhere. This allows them a greater degree of productivity since they do not have to put time into commuting to the office. They also do not have to stick to the 9 to 5 routine which is not suitable for everyone. Those who feel more comfortable with working night shifts, or who do not like closed spaces can reap the benefits.  A recent study by Harvard University and Northeastern University showed that companies that chose to transition from work from home to work from anywhere programs, saw a 4.4% increase in output.

Save on costs

The process of hiring an in-house developer is expensive and time-consuming. Businesses may not always be able to find the “right fit” for the company. It also takes time for new developers to settle into the office, develop mutual understanding with the other members of the office. Also, providing in-house staff with the necessary training and keeping them in touch with the latest developments in the industry can be a hassle. Furthermore, providing them with the necessary tools such as office space, computers, is expensive. All of these costs add-up and hiring a remote software company is a much better option. Not only you will able to tap into seasoned professionals but also have the synergy to create high-quality software.

Reduce the cost of projects

When looking for remote teams it is very easy to find a highly qualified team of professionals at a reasonable price. Since most remote teams work in countries where the labor wage is lower, it can be easy to find highly experienced and qualified individuals. It helps removes all the hassle that is associated with short-term projects. Since all of the expenses that are traditionally borne by the company are handled by the outsourcing company, the rate of return on the project can be increased.

Signs of a trustable software development company          

They genuinely want to help

A software development company would want to convince your business so that they can take the project. However, an even better company would be able to recognize when they do not have the expertise needed to complete your project. They should be able to recommend alternative options to you so that you can go for them if they.

They know how to communicate

Contacting multiple companies can be a time-consuming process. However, it is essential to determine which software development company is going to provide the best package and if it will be easy to work with them. If the company is responsive and friendly when you interact with them, there should be at least one designated point of reference.  It would also help determine little nuances such as the existence of language barriers. Ideally, you would get to interact with the team you are interested in before working with them.

Know what you want

Clearly define what your project is about. Only then you will be able to complete the project successfully. If there is an in-house IT department, the project must be thoroughly discussed with them. Involving them in the decision-making process will not only ensure that they can select the right company but will also ensure that they can help develop the specifications for the project. Only then will your organization be able to choose the right software development company.

Signs of a questionable software development company

Very low costs

While browsing for a software development company cost is one of the factors that help organizations choose who they will ultimately work with. However, very low rates could be an indication that perhaps the quality that will be delivered will not be the one you’re looking for. Another red flag would be if the software development company demands the payment upfront. A reputable organization may ask for a portion of the payment but never the full amount.

Not researching thoroughly

Perhaps the biggest mistake which ends up costing both time, money and failing to be able to achieve the goal. Failing to look at the software development company’s portfolio and experience with projects similar to the ones your organization wishes to assign is not a smart move. Moreover, it is very easy to obtain a wealth of reviews on any company online. This is in addition to interviews with the company can ensure that a quality software development company is chosen.

Lacking effective communication models

Since software development is not being carried out in-house, it is very important to establish a communication model before beginning to work. Effective collaboration is the key to completing the project. For this reason, many industry experts recommend using an agile approach as it is 28% more effective than other methods of collaboration.

Walk away from a bad deal

Many companies often find themselves in the following situation: they have paid the fixed deposit but are unsure about the results. Hence, they push forward only to end up with a bad product and a loss that reach millions of dollars and time. Not walking away just because there is a non-refundable deposit is not smart. There is a multitude of software development companies out in the market that can do the job.

Software development is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The biggest companies in the world are leveraging their custom software to stand out from their competitors. The transition to a digital economy and the lockdown induced by COVID 19 has only increased its importance. Software development companies focus on: Building software solutions, developing applications and systems, deliver business intelligence tools and provide consultancy services. By choosing to outsource companies get to tap into the global market, increase their productivity, save on costs both for the project and the company in the long run.

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