Pac Equity

An all-encompassing Options/Stocks trading platform

An all in one trading solution

A one for all Equity/Options trading platform

An all-encompassing Equity/Options trading platform

Core Features

Navigate through Stock and Options with our blockchain enabled trading platform.

Pac Equity is an all in one solution for clients as well as the brokers, where our fully covered risk management techniques keep them secure from any trading disaster.

With our exposed APIs, market participants can develop their own front-end while using our back-end support

  • Logical orders
  • Multiple Order types
  • Bulk order placement in session
  • Multiple market maker connectivity
  • Extensive Charting
  • Throughout risk management
  • Mobile Application
  • Customized work flow for routing trades to market maker
  • Intensive broker reporting
  • Single sign-in
  • Multiple Account creation
  • Customized Organizational hierarchy
  • Customized broker alerts
  • Reliability
  • Exposed APIs/ Back-end support
  • Horizontal and Vertical scaling

Client End

Handling of account balances

Provision of multiple feed

Facility of cash transfer from brokerage account

Controlled order routing

Portfolio performance

Market overview of stock indices

Broker End


Account Management

Real time trade placement

Real time notifications

General watchlist

Multiple broker account

Cash request

Continuous flow of news


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