Pledge to secure your Android Phone use with our tips

Pledge to secure your Android Phone use with our tips

Gone are the days when technology used to be a domain of workplaces and offices only. Today, the development in technology has extended so much that the tools of it are under the reach of almost everyone, in the form of mobile phones and other handy gadgets. The total population of the world happens to be 7. billion, while a study shows that the total number of smartphone users is 2.1 billion as of 2016 stats.

The reasons for growth in the number of users are several. There are a number of advantages that the use of mobile provides to the holders. From achieving proximity to the affairs of the world to connecting with someone sitting thousands of miles away from. Not limited to this, the new mobile development techniques have enabled cell phones to function as same as a computer. There are options for saving documents and data on the mobile phone, they can be used as an on the go computer these days. All in all, it can be safely said that mobile phones have revolutionized the world of communication, for individuals to large businesses. The increasing applicability of the mobile phones has led to an increasing number of population switching to this medium.

With a user size this large, many mobile development companies have launched devices that range from as low as $50 to as high as 1,500. The availability of mobile phones at every rate has brought phones in the hands of almost all strata of population in the world. Therefore, there are found many among the guild of mobile phone holders that are not completely aware of the basic hacks that can save them from corrupting the system and saving their phone along with the data. It has also been observed that out of all other mobile operating systems, it’s the android that has the bigger user base in the world.

Keeping in view the high number of users of Android and the problems they are faced with on the daily basis, there is a set of tips and solutions that we have found for our valued readers.

Prepare a backup.

The most common incidents to happen with a mobile phone is the breaking of a screen, inability to charge the phone or many more. In case any such incident takes place and the user is not able to use your Android device for some time, he can always create a backup on a cloud server account or use it on any other device by restoring the data. Creating a cloud back up does not take more than a few minutes, but losing a data that irrecoverable is a loss for a lifetime.

For many users, as it has been told that the experience of losing the data was worse than losing the phone. because of the advancement in mobile development, there is a variety of cameras now installed in the mobiles. People now like to capture important events on their as they take place, and it can be a hassle if they lose the fond memories saved in the form of photographs to data loss. The option of saving photographs to Google Photos, that creates a backup for a large number of photos with ease. The messages can also be backed up just like Whatsapp keeps a back up on Google Drive. There are other options like backing up data on Dropbox for your PC and smartphone both. As all the data is backed up, make sure that the synch option or daily backup option is turned on your phone, so even if one forgets to do it one day. It does it on its own.

Keep Privacy a Priority.

As the world is becoming a global village, there are many threats that are posed to the privacy of individuals. It’s commonly believed that invading into other’s private lives has become easy with the arrival of smartphones, therefore we suggest the users give their privacy a paramount place. Its recommended that they go to their phone settings and disable the background analytics if are turned on. The GPS should be kept closed when not in use, so it’s not easy to track one’s real-time location. Its suggested that the user switches to incognito or VPN to avoid any infringement of privacy. There are several different and free VPN available on the google store on the Android system. the most important recommendation is to limit access of your android device to different apps and social media accounts on your phone, as these accounts register the basic to every other detail right from the time you sign up on them.

Let the network service you are using not deceive you.

Check for the annual contract terms that are renewed every year. It shouldn’t matter if the data speed offered by your network is good, what should be considered are the terms of the contract that are shown to you. We suggest the android users check for the conditions of the contract as not all flaws lie in the mobile development only, they can be found in the service that you have subscribed too. Sometimes, these service networks use tools that can easily sneak in all the data that’s saved on your phone. that’s why we suggest you read and review the contract terms before renewal of it every year.

Set data limit notifications.

The data limit notifications on Android is a smart feature of mobile development. The most common complaint by smartphone users is the issue of connectivity. As the social media and dependence on technology is increasing, the need for the extra use of data has increased too. People do not like to spend a second without the internet and switch to mobile data where WiFi isn’t available. This leads to an extra and careless use data, without any track for the allowed limit. We suggest our readers turn on the limited data notification on their smartphones when the data bundle is near to consumption or expiry. Setting data limit notifications bring great ease in one’s life. The option that an alert notification is sent before the data expires or ends can prepare the user and allow him to purchase another pack before he loses it.

Final Word.

Mobile development is undergoing a major transformational phase and is going to the heights of innovation. Through this article, we have tried to guide our reader with the challenges that are coming along the new mobile development phase.

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