A cryptographically secure and distributed ledger for your applications

The BlockHelix Platform has been designed to maintain the confidentiality and data integrity which is inherent of any blockchain solution. The application maintains this by storing confidential contractual information and sharing a replicated log of only ‘hashes’ within the entities of the network. These hashes are one-way cryptographic functions which accurately match a party’s data without compromising on the confidential data itself or the parties involved. Making these features available has been possible because we have integrated various components from distributed ledger technology and blockchain.

Distributed ledger technology encapsulates blockchain, consensus algorithms, hash functions, automation of business logic and many more. One of the features used in BlockHelix is the tamper proof transaction record and execution of smart contracts which powers blockchain. We have also fused elements from public blockchains. They are decentralized ledger which are accessible to all the participants in the network. Moreover, access to the network is only granted to authorized individuals, a characteristic unique to private blockchains.




As an architectural solution, your data security is our priority. For this purpose, we have developed a multi-layer artecture which consists of an application layer which serves as an interface to interact with the BlockHelix Network, a modeling layer and an application layer.  The application layer is not directly part of the BlockHelix Network but it serves as an intermediary.

Before the data even allowed interacting with the blockchain layer, information is processed in the application layer and the BlockHelix network subsequently. Here, it is procesed in accordance with the business logic defined by your application. Each of these layers was designed to provide an additional level of protection to your data.

The BlockHelix Network and the application layer communicate with each other through the secure interface provided by the modelling layer. Moreover, to ensure that your information is protected, the modeling layer features with three-step verification via our Security API, Functional API, and Business Logic which:

  • Authenticates every read/write request from the application layer
  • Assigns a unique private key to every application
  • Uses a code repository for distinct business logic rules
  • Verifies business logic rules via a business rule engine

The business logic is a unique layer within the BlockHelix Network. It is composed of Code Respository which sets distinct business logic rules to be used across every single application layer. These are forwarded to the Business Rule Engine which further processes, verifies and executes the business logic.

Only after the data is successfully verified by the Business Rule Engine that it is forwarded to the Blockchain layer. Moreover, rejection in any of these processes results in the denial of requests. This mechanism was designed to prevent malicious applications or entity accessing the BlockHelix Network.