Speedy, Secure and Simple Continuous Crossing Platform

PACATS is a continuous crossing platform, that gives customers the opportunity for seamless trading. Thanks to our robust investment tools and intuitive design investors can trade in a highly stable environment while minimizing information leakage and market impact. Moreover, its straightforward layout makes it accessible to all types of traders. What’s more, PACATS is also sturdy enough to support professional trading.

To maintain the security of our platform, we have developed BlockHelix which keeps track of every transaction in a private blockchain. Once recorded, it becomes immutable, and only replicated log of hashes is shared with all the members of the blockchain maintaining the transparency of the data. However, the real transaction is only available to the entities involved in the deal, making the information exchange confidential.


The major component of PACATS it its Smart Contract Hub which governs the system’s behavior towards each data or processing request.

  • The key components of the Smart Contract Hub is the Hub Rule Engine. It constitutes a Code Repository (CR) and a Business Rule Engine (BRE). The CR contains the set of business logic rules for distinct use cases for each Application layer. These rules are further processed, verified and executed by the business rule engine.
  • The data after successful verification and execution by the BRE is forwarded to the Blockchain Layer on BlockHelix.

A blockchain is made up of individual blocks linked together. Every transaction block can house over 500 individual transactions. Our custom blockchains have the same information storing capacity as cryptocurrency exchanges. All trasnactions are time-stamped and are as whole, linked to the previous block. To verify transactions, users are not required to download the whole blockchain. Instead, by making use of Merkel Trees individual transactions are verified.

Smart contracts are programs designed to run when its conditions are met. They facilitate customers and organizations to carry out transactions and deals remotely. Businesses also use smart contracts to get rid of expensive middlemen fees services.

To make the execution of smart contracts a smooth process we have developed a contra party layer so that the communication between the client and the blockchain is effective. When the client creates an action item using smart contracts, the contra party layer is notified. Then, the blockchain layer reads the action item and performs it. Finally, the contra party layer notifies the client of the operation outcomes keeping the client in the loop till the end.

PACATS and BlockHelix can be used in the following domains

    • Real state – Maintaining a secure, immutable and traceable record of real state transactions.
    • Programmable Equity – Enables companies to take control of their equity issuance through programmable code.
    • Raise in Cryptocurrency – Raising in cryptocurrency opens up an entire wealth of new investors.
    • 24/7 Access to Markets – No matter where you live in the world, you have access to trading 24/7.
    • Elimination of Middlemen – This eliminates the middleman and financial structures that hinder the deployment of equity.
    • Access to 2 Billion Unbanked – There is a trove of wealth that is untouched by Wall Street that can now be accessed through this.