Software Development

Top-quality custom software development services

Our Expertise in software development

Custom software solutions

We are experts at developing fully-tailored custom software solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, delivering high-quality solutions in record time and within budget.

UX Design & Prototyping

Our UI/UX experts translate each client’s preferences and needs into a dedicated user experience designed in consistence with the client’s business and branding strategies. We bring to life Android, iOS and web-only products using Mobile First design approach.

Software QA & Testing

We guarantee our clients top-notch quality products that undergo all types of testing including performance/load, stress testing, localization, configuration, installation, accessibility, cross-browser, cross-platform, database testing, security, usability, GUI, functional etc.

Working in a variety of domains

Custom software enables an enterprise to innovate. Our cross-functional practice of product managers, UX designers, engineers, developers, and QAs accelerate software to market for our clients that are frustrated with mediocrity and value results over activity. We have years of experience and expertise in developing dynamic and interactive web applications for multiple industries including e-commerce, financial solutions, business portals, education portals, content management systems, application integration and social applications.

Development Process

Our team of experienced graphic designers and front-end developers excel in creating exquisite user interfaces with special focus on user-friendliness. They begin by creating wireframes to translate user stories into visual interfaces. A style guide is then designed, complete with clickable prototypes. The front-end is built keeping in mind application goals as well as accessibility and user experience.

Our developers carefully engineer the architecture of a software, which serves as a blueprint for the project. This is crucial for the early analysis of the project to ensure that the design will yield an acceptable system. In this process, our focus is on qualities such as security, modifiability and performance, which are achieved by a unifying architectural vision.

Our team of developers manufacture a REST-based API which connects with the back-end, carrying back data in JSON object form. Among other things, this allows the code to be re-used and makes it easy for the product to get third party access to their APIs.

We have extensive experience in back-end technologies including Oracle, Google App Engine Datastore, MySQL and Teradata among others. According the requirements of each project, we choose the most relevant technology and build a custom table structure, which aims to deliver the highest results and the best scaling options.

We constantly carry out unit tests on projects to reduce the risk of human error. Towards the completion of a project, our development comes to a halt and we spend an intense period of time focused exclusively on testing. We carry out unit testing for all functions and use automated tests to ensure that the results are according to expectations.

Following an intense period of testing, we deploy the application. This is an exciting as well as stressful time and we’re there to offer our support throughout the process. We have years of experience in deploying applications and managing production environments and our team will continue to fine-tune the application as you on-board new users. Your customers’ satisfaction is crucial to realizing the true value of the application.

We provide our clients the option to get thousands of interactive features integrated into their systems with the use of many different APIs, both licensed and open. We use the most relevant interfaces available and integrate them into the clients’ applications.

Technologies, libraries and frameworks


  • JEE/J2EE, Java 2D, JSP, Apache Wicket, JMS, Swing, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, JSF, EJB, Java Security, Velocity, JMF, PAM, i18n, Apache Commons, GWT, JXL, JAccess, SiteMesh, Oracle Portal


  • Windows API, ActiveX, XCode, wxWidgets, STL, WinDDK, Qt Framework, Microsoft CRM, WebRTC

Ajax and JavaScript

  • JQuery, YUI, ExtJS, JSON, MooTools, Prototype JS, Dojo, YUI, Scriptacoulous

Software Services


Web/Software Technologies

  • XHTML, HTML5, XML, XSL, XSL-FO, XSLT, CSS, XPath, XQuery, SAX, DOM, StAX, Xerces, Flex, Oauth, Omniauth, TinyMCE, Plupload, Retina.js, Flexpaper Adaptive UI, JW Player, Highcharts, Modemizr, BjQS

Software Messaging Middleware

  • ActiveMQ, IBM MQ Series, Fiorano, MQSonic, TIBCO rendezvous