Top 5 Programming languages for Mobile App Development

Top 5 Programming languages for Mobile App Development

The beginning of the 20th century saw massive developments in the area of scientific inventions, where followed by the telephone, the invention of mobile phones and then the internet completely transformed the ideals of the world. As this phenomenon grew strong and the need for internet became inevitable, the feature of the internet being enabled on mobile phones was introduced in the past decade.

In the current age, the number of smartphones being used in the world is getting closer to the number of people living on the planet. Now, even businesses, because of the growth of internet are getting conducted on mobile phones merely. This shows the need for the development of a mobile application that can facilitate the users and add in the business profits for entrepreneurs. The development of mobile applications requires selection of different languages to carry out the process. The selection of a language depends on a number of factors, ranging from one’s purposes to technical requirements and the capital. Therefore, we have gathered here for our readers a brief account of the best languages that can be used in the development of applications.

HTML+ Java

HTML and JavaScript happen to be the first choice for the development of websites, whereas it can also be used quite effectively in the development of mobile applications. This language supports multiple browsers and is excellent in responsiveness.

The products that are manufactured using JavaScript or HTML5 support all desktop computers and mobile devices whether they are on Android or iOS.

Java is used in the development of:

  • Android apps
  • Server apps
  • Web apps
  • Big Data technology enabled
  • Building games
  • Websites
  • Scientific Apps

key features

  • Runs on all platforms
  • Supports APIs that can integrate
  • Easily seeks help from Android communities
  • Has powerful IDEs that make coding easy and error-free


Python is considered as one of the most popular languages for app development, web development, for the analysis of computer and numeric data, creating desktop GUIs and also the development of software.

This is also a language that is widely taught at schools and colleges as it’s the most useful one for multiple applications.

The one language that’s recommended to learn is Python, as its easy and has the best readability.  It’s a language that can be used to create the best version of Android and desktop apps. The storage app Dropbox, video application Youtube, Instagram and Spotify are all built on Python.

key features 

  • It can be processed at the runtime
  • Object-oriented language
  • Easy to learn language
  • Easy readability
  • Interactive in nature
  • Supports GUI applications
  • Supports Android and desktop both
  • Can easily run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server scripting open source language. The language was designed by Zend Technologies in 1995 and was initially developed for websites, however, its currently used for more general purposes like development and more today.

The language has a high use of command line scripting other than server-side scripting too, where its used for the purpose of coding applications. The PHP also enables you to write apps on Android, iOS and also window apps. It’s said about the language that if you want to create dynamic websites, mobile apps, and web applications, you need to make more use of the PHP language, as its supported by most of the programs running on the computer and is also used by 78% of the developers.

Uses of PHP

The uses of PHP are not limited to mobile apps, but its used for a variety of developmental processes that include

  • E-commerce websites
  • Coding of project management tools
  • To create Facebook applications
  • For image processing
  • Mobile app development
  • Content management like WordPress and Drupal
  • For creating PDF
  • In creation of dynamic websites
  • WordPress plugin

 Key Features

  • Open source
  • Can be used on its own, independent platform
  • Easy to learn and master
  • Supporting a number of applications and uses
  • Compatible with the server
  • Easy database integration


Swift is considered to have the capacity of restructuring the future.

The language was first released by Apple Inc in the month of June 2014 for the iOS and Linux. Its used as the basic programming language for developing iOS and OS X apps.

Swift is also growing fast and is adopted by several developers as because of its adaptability and usefulness, this language is one that pays the highest to its users in the jobs. The hired developers are taking the highest amount of salaries, almost 600% more than the regular developers for using this language.

Google is also considering to make Swift its first-class language instead of Java. If Google shifts to Swift, the demand for Swift apps and developers will skyrocket and there will be no other competing language.

Currently, as its the greatest paying programming language, it’s the most suitable time to learn it. The best version of coding of the mobile app can be done with Swift, this is the reason that the demand for Swift trained developers is increasing in the software market. The most famous example of Swift app is SlideShare iOS app.


  • It’s enterprise-friendly
  • Plenty of learning resources
  • Supports dynamic library
  • Fewer codes
  • Compatible with memory management

 Key Features

  • Very easy to learn if one knows Objective-C
  • An open source.
  • Simpler version of Objective C
  • Very easy to code
  • Easy to maintain
  • Considered future of iOS development
  • Less coding is sufficient compared to other languages.


C# also commonly known as C Sharp. This programming language has multiple dimensions and is suitable for various applications. The language is developed by Microsoft.

There is a possibility for the creation of almost anything with C# varying from server applications to the websites, from games to mobile applications and so much more. The language is supported by Unity3D, therefore is considered one of the best programming languages.

C# is not restricted to the mobile app development only, its uses range from game development to tools for enterprises, businesses, utilities and more.

Features and Uses

  • Easy to use and is a simple language
  • Has a great usage in the development of web applications and large tools.
  • Is a safe to type language
  • Scalable
  • Access to .NET framework

 Final word

In the age of internet and smartphones when almost all the people in the world carry at least one cell phone, the need for the development of mobile applications is increasing. This happened to be the sole reason for us bringing you a list of languages that can help developers write codes and program applications for best use per their needs.

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