Win over the new class of investors

In the brave new world of fintech investors expect you to keep up with the changes. For investors the new frame of reference is to start small investment now not a larger investment later to meet their financial goals. At the same time, they also expect cutting-edge technology.

Pac Equity brings the investment experience at your fingertips. We aim to make investment accessible to everyone, with Pac equity customers can invest as little as one dollar at a time and build balanced and diverse portfolios.

Will the software be compatible with your system? Do you have the infrastructure to handle the upgrade? Rebuilding your current infrastructure from starch is expensive and time-consuming. Pac-Equity’s API, Cloud driven software will provide you with the cutting edge technology to transform your services.


Pac Equity’s patent-pending technology allows you to invest real-time fractional shares on a dollar-equivalent basis. It works side by side with your system, no hidden costs involved. Our system was designed for fractional investing and so, it addresses all the nuances behind it like voting rights, proxies and tax reporting.

With Pac Equity on your side, you will not need to sit through never-ending meetings with expensive consultants or system-wise testing. From designing and integration to launch, our Partner solution experts will accompany every step of the way. Our Partner Solutions experts guide you through design, integration, launch, and beyond.