Ingenious Investment Experiences

Managing investments and delivering the best customer experience is hard. Add back-end to the equation and there will be too many irons in the fire, it becomes strenuous. We specialize in managing the nuances of the back end services of a brokerage so that you can focus on doing what you do best. You manage the investing; we manage the back-end.

Pac Equity’s platform provides traditional, advisory, and robo investing services. In addition, we also provide novel investment options such as:

  • Cashless brokerage accounts
  • Card-linked, round up investing
  • Converting loyalty points into stock rewards
  • Tipping in stock instead of cash, directly into someone’s healthcare savings account (HSA) and many more!


Pac Equity was created to facilitate investments in real-time fractional shares technology on a dollar equivalent basis. Our platform was custom-made for:

  • Scale. Millions of customers making a handful of small, fractional trades, and
  • Speed. Customer accounts are approved seconds after the digital document upload, so customers can fund their accounts from their e-wallet and start trading immediately!

From designing and integration to launch, our Partner solution experts will accompany every step of the way. With Pac Equity, your customers can invest in real-time dollar-based fractional shares in just 60 days.